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I learned on Friday that the printer had completed printing my book far earlier than expected. A friend emailed me that Amazon had sent him a message saying he would be receiving the book at the end of February,  full month earlier than they had reported earlier. I found it hard to focus at work as I planned to pick up the book at my publishers house later that day. (The advantages of having a local publisher!)

I love the book. The designer, Josh Powell, is also based in Seattle so that allowed us to go back and forth on a lot of the pictures in the book. Just before sending the book to the printers, we added a picture of my son with the American flag in the chapter opener about my family coming home to Seattle. So when I opened up the newly printed book I was tickled to find yeat another picture I hadn’t realized Josh was going to use.

The picture is of me on a boat wearing a silly sun hat. Perhaps I may have been whisting, but I suspect I was just looking dorky, like I often did.The photo may be the Josh’s ironic take on the title “Yokohama Yankee.” But I like the picture because of the counterpoint between this picture and a cute picture of my son, later in the book, with the American flag.eric in america



  1. This is the best book I have read in years! The design is “off the scale!”
    I hope the author, designer and publisher receive the awards
    this book deserves.

    A grateful reader in Berkeley, Calif

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